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Construction Permits Approved Faster. Build Smarter with Rezio.

Arizona's #1 Pre-Construction Planning Partner -- Rezio helps residential contractors, architects and homeowners create highly-accurate as-built drawings using the newest 3D scanning technology, plan and draft all design modifications, and submit exactly what's required to get permits approved faster at the city.

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Rezio is the platform that simplifies outdated preconstruction complexities.

01. Scan

We scan and document your current site conditions.

Rezio's advanced 3D scanning technology eliminates the need for manual hand measuring. Quickly capture precise measurements (accurate to 3mm), ensuring unparalleled accuracy for your project planning and eliminating the risk of costly measurement errors.

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02. Plan

We design full project plan sets to meet your specifications.

Whether you already have or are the designer or need assistance in brainstorming, our team is here to create full project plan sets that precisely meet your specifications. We collaborate closely with you and your team to understand the vision, ensuring code compliance and incorporating any necessary engineering requirements.

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03. Engineer

We provide comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to your project.

Whether you're in the initial design phase or have detailed plans, our engineering team provides solutions that align with your specific needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and expertise, we ensure structural integrity and compliance with all relevant codes. From structural to MEP engineering, we integrate seamlessly with the design process, turning your vision into a cohesive and successful construction project.

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04. Permit

We handle the city permit process for you, ensuring a smooth approval.

With our expertise and relationships, Rezio takes charge of your city permit process, navigating the complexities of code compliance on your behalf. From meticulous documentation to thorough submission, we streamline the process, saving you time and ensuring a hassle-free path to permit approval.

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