3D Scan Your Space for Reliable, Precise Measurements

Get precise 3D scanning of your space, both interior and exterior, accurate to the nearest 3mm in your preferred format (PDF, CAD, etc.) quickly and easily.

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How the Scanning Process Works

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Schedule Your Scan 

After we issue a quote and you pay the deposit, we will send you a link to schedule a site visit with one of our Pros.

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Site Visit & Capture

A Rezio Pro will come to your house and 3d scan the entire space (interior, exterior, or whatever needs to be scanned to scope.)

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Get Plans in < 1 week

Our Pros upload your scan to the point cloud and our drafting team produce your "as-built" drawings in less than a week!

Measure Your Existing Space with the 3D Point Cloud

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Rezio utilizes FARO 3D scanning for precise measurements, ensuring accuracy in intricate details for complex structures.

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Comprehensive Visualization

Every detail is captured in the 3D point cloud to recreate a comprehensive "as-is" reality.

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Efficient Planning and Design

Streamlined planning and design ensures efficient decision-making and optimal project outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rezio's 3D scanning technology by FARO differ from Matterport?
Rezio utilizes FARO 3D scanning technology, known for its exceptional precision and accuracy. While Matterport also offers scanning capabilities, FARO's advanced technology provides highly detailed and accurate measurements, even for complex structures.
What are the benefits of using Rezio's 3D scanning technology for creating as-built drawings of my property?

Rezio's 3D scanning technology allows for precise measurements and comprehensive visualization of your property's existing conditions. This eliminates the need for manual measuring, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The detailed as-built drawings enable better planning, design, and decision-making for your construction or renovation projects.

What are the specific use cases where FARO's 3D scanning technology excels?

FARO's 3D scanning technology is highly effective for various use cases, including architectural and engineering projects, construction site documentation, facility management, renovation planning, and historical preservation. Its precision and accuracy make it ideal for complex structures, ensuring accurate as-built drawings and facilitating informed decision-making. 

How does 3d scanning perform with complex structures?

Hand measuring can be challenging and prone to errors when dealing with intricate or irregularly shaped structures. FARO's 3D scanning technology excels in capturing detailed measurements of complex architectural elements, such as curved surfaces, intricate facades, or intricate interior designs.

Why is FARO considered a superior choice for 3D scanning compared to other alternatives?

FARO's 3D scanning technology is trusted and renowned for its exceptional accuracy, reliability, and versatility. Its advanced capabilities allow for precise measurements and comprehensive visualizations, surpassing many other alternatives.

What are the benefits of using Rezio?

With Rezio, builders gain the advantage of a dedicated preconstruction team that offers a comprehensive range of services. From precise site measurements and conceptual designs to in-house architectural plans, structural engineering, and permitting, we handle it all. Moreover, our built-in workflow tools empower builders to seamlessly plan, collaborate, and stay organized throughout the project lifecycle.

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In construction, precision is paramount; close enough simply doesn't cut it.

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