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Rezio can design detailed architectural plans for any residential or commercial construction project like remodels, additions, new developments, and TI work.

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Our pros will create your architectural plans quickly and efficiently so you can ensure timely project kick-offs.

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Our building designers will create custom residential or commercial architectural plans for your smoothest project yet.

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What can you get with Rezio's architecural plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Rezio?

With Rezio, builders and homeowners get access to a talented and dedicated preconstruction team. We provide site measurements, conceptual designs, architectural plans, structural engineering, and expedited permitting all in-house. What’s more, you can plan, collaborate, and stay organized with our built-in workflow tools. Preconstruction is what we do, all day every day, and our team works very efficient together to give you high-quality, fast results that save you both time and money.

How do I get started with a project?

It's simple to start a new project with Rezio. Please use the live chat to get in touch with one of our pros who will collect some basic info with you and set up a time to chat about your project goals. They will send you a free quote via email and walk through it all with you.

How long does the process take?

Timing for your project will depend on the scope of work we're doing for you primarily. If it's a simple scan to as-built job, we could deliver your files within a couple weeks. If it's a large scale residential or commercial job that requires a design phase, specialized engineering work, and permitting, that could take a few months. While there are a lot of variables, Rezio customers can expect to cut traditional preconstruction timelines down by 50-60%.

Can you work with an in-house design team?

We work with in-house design teams every day. In fact, Rezio is the perfect partner for your in-house designers. We’ll get you 3D scans and as-builts, plus we can handle any structural engineering and permitting as well.

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