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Close more jobs and impress your clients with Rezio at your side. We offer residential contractors a seamless way to manage their clients' preconstruction experience, from intro to kick-off.

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How much are delays costing you?

✔ Stop paying interest you don't have to pay.
✔ Stop scheduling delays.
✔ Keep your team focused.
✔ Finish your project on-time and get paid faster.

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What if one phone call could get it all done?

✔ 3d scan your project and get an as-built in < 2 weeks.
✔ Use our in-house design team or bring your own.
✔ Any type of engineering you need, we have it.
✔ We'll expedite permits for you at the city.

What is Rezio?

All-in-One Preconstruction Team for Faster Project Kick-Offs

Rezio gives you unlimited access to a wide range of preconstruction services. From 3D scanning and reliable as-built drawings to architectural plans and all types of engineering stamps, we provide everything under one roof.

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10 Simple Steps to Expedite Your Clients' Permits at the City

A Must-Read Guide for Every Contractor and Architect


Why Contractors Choose Rezio

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Talented Project Team 

Our talented preconstruction team, led by a dedicated project manager, brings your vision to life with seamless coordination and expertise.

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Flexible Services

We understand the uniqueness of each project, so we provide custom quotes and services to meet your specific needs, streamlining time and expense.

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Powerful Software

Rezio's app streamlines the preconstruction process with familiar tools, enhancing collaboration, organization, and project efficiency for success at every stage.

Preconstruction is complex;
we simplify it for you.

You're one phone call away from your smoothest project yet.